JEMS Extra

Please note that due to covid-19 JEMs extra is currently only running on:

monday (Creation station)

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What is Jems extra?

JEMs EXTRA is an awesome oportunity for your child to attend up to four super exciting after school activities (Monday-Thursday). Each activity's purpose is to teach a skill, support learning/growth and encourage fun. They are designed to be non-competitive and hassle free for parents.

JEMs EXTRA is open to children from all primary schools (including Jewish ones) and your child does not need to be attending JEMs Aftercare to join, as it is a completely seperate program. 

JEMs EXTRA is an approved after school care centre whose highlights are:

  • Discounts for those currently attending JEMs Aftercare OR those attending 2 or more JEMS EXTRA sessions
  • Bus pickups from many schools (find FAQ page below)
  • Activities focused on fun 
  • Affordable and approved for Child Care subsidy (find cost page below)
  • Snacks & free play
  • Long hours at no extra cost 


learn more about JEMs EXTRA: